5 Things Coach K Fans Do

My work spans years, miles and organizations. There was a time when Yahoo! had a job-search tool called HotJobs. For four years, they hired me to conduct Sales and Sales Management Training. There was a time when there was a national Commercial Real Estate Brand called Grubb & Ellis. They hired me for seven years to conduct… Sales and Sales Management Training. There was a time when United Airlines carried me back and forth across North America to the tune of 125,000 air miles per year.

OK, enough nostalgia.

NOW, as you read this, several of the people who were employed by those (and other previous clients) are leading, inspiring, and selling at high levels in different organizations.

One of my former students (he calls himself a FAN) runs retail for one of the biggest music companies in the US. Another is leading a massive sales force in the online recruitment ad world. Yet another leads a team of people opening new business for one of the most “connected” sites in the world.

Why am I bragging?
Because typically, none of this is about ME. It’s about what people who become fans, readers, followers on Twitter and LinkedIn end up doing.

What do they have in common?

1)    They practice and demonstrate humility.
2)    They look for more opportunities to serve. All the time.
3)    They LOVE to sell, and they do it. Even the leaders. THEY SELL.
4)    They enjoy WORK.
5)    They recover from failure in a reasonable amount of time.

This tells me that unwittingly, without a conscious plan, I have built a community…
Some of these people know each other, but most don’t.

When I conduct retreats here in Southern California, they get to hang out, learn from and laugh with each other, and they see the experience as further fuel for the 5 attributes listed here.

Join us. Read through the list without distraction, without also checking your email.

Commit to implementing, practicing, or embracing ONE of them today.

1)    Practice Humility.
2)    Serve. All the time.
3)    SELL.
4)    Work.
5)    Recover quickly.