2 Days With Coach K For Sales People
to May 24

2 Days With Coach K For Sales People

  • Santa Monica, CA, 90401 United States (map)
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What is Elevated Sales?

It begins with Coach K's trademarked process: Moving Conversations Forward™    

o    During your two day experience, you begin a journey toward mastery of this skill

o    You will learn the thought process behind (and evolution of) this skill

o    You will learn the applicability of this skill in ordinary business exchanges, executive communication, and Sales (What moves people to buy? What are my differentiators? How do I command higher rates? How do I “set the hook” in people’s hearts? How is MTCF applicable to leadership roles?)

o    You will learn self-management tools that will increase both your efficiency and effectiveness.

o    AND, we will explore the difference (and the relationship between) the two concepts as you come to understand... and begin to practice Elevated Sales. 

o    You will explore the mental toolkit for formulating questions that engage, involve and engender invitations to continue the conversation.

o    We will explore and distinguish between fine and ultra-fine distinctions

o    You will meet and learn with people across a variety of industries. These professionals are coming with goals similar to your own. You will learn as much (if not more) from them as you will from Coach K.


·         Personal Branding

·         Ten Tasks Today™

·         The 20 Call Burst™

·         Trademarked Voice Mail Strategies


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to Feb 8

Moving Conversations FORWARD - Elevated Version


It's simple... In order to sell, we must Move Conversations Forward. Step out of your routine, and spend 2 days in Santa Monica, California participating in a unique learning experience.

Intimate, demanding, empowering and inspirational... 2 Days With Coach K is a MUST for the Sales Pro (Enterprise Sales, High - Value Sales, Commercial Real Estate Broker, SaaS Sales Leader)  to reach new levels of productivity, revenue, profit... and command.

How do you engage the highest level decision makers? How do you get invited to the next step in a complicated sales process? What are the finer points of selling at a VERY HIGH LEVEL?

Previous students have gone on to be Top Performers in tech, real estate, SaaS, Services, and Hospitality.

Your pre-requisite: 5 years of High Dollar High - Value Selling experience.

This is NOT for rookies.        REGISTER NOW

$2500 per person includes:

  • B'fastBoth Days
  • Lunch
  • Materials, and  ...
  • Farewell dinner.


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